Architectural Engineering

I school-based discipline by the original Changsha Railway Institute structural engineering branch point and Central South University of technology structure engineering discipline two parts with composition, original Changsha Railway Institute of structural engineering subject point source in 1953, School of civil and architectural engineering, Central South architectural engineering department, 1981 and 1986 were awarded bridge, tunnel and structural engineering discipline master, doctor's degree to grant right, which contains the structure engineering.Adjustment of the discipline in 1991, retaining only the degree of bridge and tunnel engineering, 1996, our school again declare structure engineering master, and started to recruit Master graduate student, after the 2000 merger of three schools, that year won civil engineering as a first level discipline doctoral degree granting, began to recruit doctoral students.

The subject teaching is strong in scientific research, existing "one thousand people plan 2, Hunan Province leading personnel 2, two new century talent of the Ministry of education, Central South University, sublimation Yuying a, Central South University sublimation British hunting 1.10 professors, 8 doctoral tutor, 17 associate professor, lecturer 5, 7 in the post doctoral, doctoral students in reading 21, master's degree 136.

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