Tunnel Engineering

Department of tunnel engineering of Central South University is created the first in 1953, Central South College of civil engineering and architecture, is one of the Department, is China's earliest in railway tunnel, highway tunnel, subway project in city planning, built one of the key technology research and direct design of University Department, has been 60 years of history, in the long period of running for the national training a large number of high-quality talent."Bridge and tunnel engineering" subject to 1981, 1986, respectively, received a master's degree, a doctoral degree, in 1987 was named the key disciplines of the Ministry of railways.In 2000, the right to be awarded a doctoral degree in civil engineering, and in 2001 was named the national key disciplines.The main course of the Department of the course "tunnel project" for the Hunan province and the national quality courses.

Central South University tunnel engineering faculty is strong, strong research capability, existing teachers, 19 people, including 6 professors, tutor of doctoral students 7, 8 associate professors, 5 lecturers, teachers with 16 people with doctor's degree, 1 national outstanding doctorate dissertation, teach education for New Century Excellent Talents plan 2, 2 scholars sublimation, Central South University Teacher Education 1.For nearly 5 years and bear presided over a total of 100 research projects, including 16 state-level scientific research projects, provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, more than 30 levels, reform of teaching and research projects of more than 10, annual research funding more than 1000 yuan; research direction involves environmental impact construction of city tunnel tunnel structure performance prediction and control, tunnel and underground engineering, dynamic response under the complex environment, the evolution mechanism of tunnel structure durability design and limit state design theory, construction technology of tunnel, tunnel ventilation and disaster prevention technology; published more than 300 scientific papers, including SCI, EI, ISTP three retrieval nearly 200 papers, published 8 academic monographs, 2 teaching materials; authorized more than 10 national patents, computer software copyright 5, obtained more than 10 above the provincial level science and technology awards.

Years of circulation, chunhua!According to legend, after several generations of teachers of the spark and wisdom accumulation, adjust tunnel Department of Central South University in the development, in adjustment continue to grow, gradually developed into a unique characteristic of national key discipline, has made fruitful teaching scientific achievements.Relying on in the Central South University class teaching platform and advanced laboratory, Department of tunnel engineering will the spirit of "truth-seeking, innovation, unity and enterprising" spirit to create a more brilliant and splendid tomorrow.

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