Department of Mechanics College of civil engineering of Central South University from the original Central South University of Technology Department of mechanics, Changsha Railway Institute of Engineering Mechanics Department and fluid mechanics department set up, belonging to the school of civil engineering, engineering management.Department of mechanics existing teachers and laboratory technicians, a total of 31 people, which is a high TITLE 7 teachers who, 10 associate professors, with doctorate 15 people, is pursuing a Ph. D. degree in 5, 10 people with a master's degree.Assume the majors in the school of engineering of theoretical mechanics, mechanics of materials, engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, the fundamental mechanics experiment, mechanical engineering "Experimental Mechanics", "vibration mechanics, fracture mechanics", the "experimental stress analysis", "finite element law" and other courses teaching task, which "mechanics of materials" as the focus of the original Ministry of Railways course, was awarded provincial excellent courses in Hunan Province."Engineering Mechanics", "theoretical mechanics", "basic mechanics experiment" course was named Central South University university level courses.Mechanics experiment center room under the mechanical properties and electrical measurement room, a measuring chamber, measurement room, room of fatigue fracture, numerical simulation chamber, a fluid mechanical room 7 labs and one extracurricular activity room. Experiments with real of more than 3000 square meters, all kinds of equipment 1124 sets, with a total value of about 502 million yuan.In 1998 the first center through the Education Commission of Hunan Province, China "double base" laboratory conformity assessment, was awarded the "ordinary higher school based teaching demonstration qualified laboratory" title; in 2000 in the first batch of outstanding undergraduate teaching evaluation, Ministry of education group of experts unanimously affirmed; in July 2002 by Hunan Provincial Department of Education approved the ordinary higher school basic course teaching demonstration laboratory construction units, in June 2005 through the Provincial Department of education assessment and acceptance, was awarded the honorable title of "Hunan Province ordinary higher school demonstration of laboratory based courses".

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