Railway Engineering

Railway Engineering Department is the Central South University is a university has a long history and remarkable advantage of the subject teaching and research unit, founded in 1953, after 60 years of development, has now formed the research direction of digital line and track structure design theory two stable and very advantages and characteristics.

1 research directions: the theory and method of digital line selection

Choose line design as the first and foundation of railway construction, is the core work of railway construction overall situation, is of great significance and far-reaching influence.Long term theoretical research and engineering practice show that the application of digital technology to speed up the design process, improve the design efficiency and quality, has a very important significance.

Research direction two: track structure design theory and method

1978 proposed rooted in our country national condition the stability of CWR track calculation formula, was designated the Ministry of Railways for the unity of the whole railway formula, as part of the basic theory of "seamless line of new technology research and application" project, won the 1985 National Prize for progress in science and technology.Presided over 85 national key scientific and technological project sub project and National Natural Science Fund Project and put forward the calculation formula and design parameters for the proposed value of the high-speed railway CWR stability, have been incorporated into the design specification.1994 years to complete the project in the State Planning Commission "railway engineering structure reliability is unified standard for reliability design of" load thematic studies, and puts forward the structural reliability theory based load design basic principles and methods, the results into the national standard (GB5021694).In 1997 to complete the national science and technology projects "slow down the rail wear of heavy haul railway" sub projects, won the national scientific and technological progress two, and other awards.Presided over the Railway Ministry Qin Shen special line of passenger rail (HSR) scientific and technological project "interregional CWR test and research for key technology of" (cross Xing Yan Highway Large Bridge CWR a comprehensive experimental study), Mega Bridge on high speed railway CWR on bridge interaction theory, determined under the temperature effect and large railway bridge CWR temperature force transfer rules, to solve the difficulty of extra large bridge pier design, for the development of high speed railway bridge design specifications and CWR design specification of the structure provide the basis for.Under the auspices of the study on the key technique of scientific and technological project of the Ministry of Railways of the Qinghai Tibet Railway Qinghai Tibet Railway Dewang section CWR "to study complex conditions of jointless track structure type and the relevant design parameters, support the design of the Qinghai Tibet railway.

Railway Engineering Department of relying on the State Key Disciplines of the road and railway engineering, and has the power and transportation engineering post doctoral research station the to grant road and railway engineering, master's and doctoral degrees in, existing doctoral tutor.Training doctoral and master's degree graduates have won a good reputation, has served as the road outside a variety of senior management positions, well-known scholars in the research department of foreign railways, effectively promote the discipline construction and academic exchanges.Relying on the high-speed railway construction technology national engineering laboratory construction, and built a domestic first-class, "the construction of high-speed railway digital virtual environment system, Belgium Barco stereoscopic projection system, graphics workstation, server and disk array advanced equipments and ArcGIS, AutoCAD and other software.All the existing teaching and research staff of 15 people, including 4 professors, 8 associate professors, 3 lecturers.

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