Fire Engineering

Central South University for the Ministry of education of the national key universities, is the first to enter the national "211 Project" focus on the construction of colleges and universities, is the national "985 Project" Ministry of the province to focus on building a high level university.

School of civil engineering, Central South University, the predecessor is the 1953 national college adjustment, from 7 universities such as Wuhan University of civil engineering and railway (Professional) merged to form the Central School of civil engineering and architecture of railway construction and bridge tunnel two-line (Professional).After nearly 60 years of hard work, at present, the Institute has developed into a national first-class civil engineering college, in the field of civil engineering for the construction of the motherland has made outstanding contributions.

School of civil engineering, present have 287 faculty members, including three academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, countries "one thousand people plan" 3, "Yangtze River Scholar Award" one distinguished professor and 6 New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of education, Hunan Science and technology leading military personnel 2 people, sublimation scholar professor 3 people, 60 professors (including 53 doctoral supervisors), associate professor title and the corresponding 90 people.The college has civil engineering and Transportation Engineering (building) two national key disciplines disciplines, road and railway engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, geotechnical three national key secondary disciplines, and two post doctoral research station.There are 4 undergraduate students of civil engineering, engineering management, fire protection engineering and engineering mechanics, there are more than 2700 undergraduate students, doctoral and master's degree (Master of Engineering) 1600 people.College has a nine lines and two Research Institute (Center), seven undergraduate teaching laboratory, at the same time, our school has high-speed railway construction technology national engineering laboratory and "heavy haul railway engineering structure" Key Laboratory of the Ministry of education and other innovation platform.

Department of fire protection engineering, School of civil engineering, Central South University, 16 full-time and part-time teachers and two full-time researchers, including 4 professors, 6 associate professors, tutor of doctoral students four, master tutor six.

Fire engineering laboratory building area of more than 800 square meters, the total value of the instrument more than 400 yuan.With South Africa only according to international standards for the construction of "vertical fire simulation test furnace", "horizontal fire simulation test furnace", beams, plates, columns and component mechanical performance test and firewall, fire board, fireproof rolling shutter fireproof performance test research and testing.Temperature control system of the test furnace was developed.Designed and developed reinforcement and concrete under high temperature and high temperature material after disaster test furnace, can carry out of steel and concrete under high temperature and high temperature mechanical properties of experimental research.In addition, the acquisition of a number of fire engineering undergraduate teaching experimental equipment.For scientific research, graduate students and undergraduate teaching to provide a good scientific research, teaching conditions.

Undergraduate service object includes: colleges and universities and research units, public security fire control institutions, building fire audit departments, fire engineering construction and installation company, at all levels of architectural design and Research Institute, fire protection technology and engineering research and development department, fire protection products production enterprises, all kinds of large enterprises, airports, ports, important material of large warehouses and other places of full-time fire department, all kinds of dangerous goods production, storage and transportation management departments at all levels, fire safety education and training departments of.

"Disaster Prevention Laboratory" is the Central South University in 2000, the new professional laboratory, it is mainly for building fire protection engineering, engineering structure damage detection and identification, is the only South fire structure performance test system.It can also be used in the research and the experimental task of the railway department, such as the tunnel fire, the fire control and rescue.The experimental system has been certified by the relevant departments of Hunan Province, which can be oriented to the school, research institutions and construction enterprises to undertake the test experiments as described above.At present the laboratory has a lot of large-scale instrument and equipment, mainly include: (1) fire experiment of vertical furnace; (2) fire experiments in a horizontal furnace; (3) fire experimental multi-channel (54) temperature acquisition and control system; (4) building materials for high temperature test furnace; (5) building components of high temperature furnace; (6) Zhuang Jijing, dynamic testing system; (7) inv dynamic data acquisition system; (8) electro-hydraulic servo multi function testing machine; (9) electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine; (10) of 50m long 1:9 tunnel model; (11) 480 points wireless data acquisition test system.

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