Engineering Management

The Engineering Department of Central South University was established in 1985, which is the earliest Engineering Management Specialty in the University of the Ministry of railways.The engineering management system is a master's degree in civil engineering planning and management.

At present, faculty members of the Department has formed by academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Sun Yongfu professor for the discipline leader, 8 professors as academic leaders, nine vice professor and nine lecturer consisting of academic echelon and teaching team, in the domestic and foreign engineering management, especially in the railway system in our country has greater influence.

Engineering management department closely around the national and regional economic construction and social development of important theoretical and application problems to carry out research, have made outstanding contributions to the country and industry of major construction projects.Since 2006, new under the auspices of the National 863 program, National Natural Science Fund and provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects and other research projects 60 entries, with a total funding of more than 1000 million yuan.Won the Ministry of science and technology progress award 5, other awards and honorary titles more than 20 times, the publication of 11 books, published more than 260 papers.This subject has become an important part of the national and regional innovation system in knowledge innovation system, has made outstanding contributions to China's project management discipline development, personnel training and the national major construction.

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