Road Engineering

The predecessor of the road engineering department is the road system of the south central and South China Institute of civil engineering, established in 1956, and was incorporated into the railway transportation system in 1953 and became independent in 2004.Now consists of subgrade pavement; chamber and line survey design staff room is under the College of civil engineering of Central South University, secondary teaching and scientific research institutions, is the core of road and railway engineering construction units.Road and railway engineering department in 1983 received a master's degree granting, in 1998, he received a doctor's degree to grant right, in 2001 was named the national key disciplines, in 2003 won the transportation engineering post doctoral flow station, 2007 transportation engineering disciplines was named for the national key disciplines.

Road Engineering Department of the existing staff of 34 people, including 4 professors (including doctoral tutor 2 people), 12 associate professors, 13 lecturers, 5 engineers.Assume the civil engineering surveying, civil engineering geological professional basic courses and road engineering direction of all professional courses and civil engineering professional students cognition practice, practice for engineering geology, engineering survey practice, production practice of road engineering, graduation design for multi course of the physicians and research teaching.Engineering geological practice base in Hunan province in 2005 was a good internship base.

Road engineering department with the subgrade and pavement engineering laboratory, engineering measurement laboratories and engineering geological laboratory and provides good conditions for scientific research and teaching, and attaches great importance to research the combination and transformation of achievements in scientific research.In recent years, the road engineering is closely integrated with the National Highway (highway, railway) development of major needs to participate in a number of major national projects of science and technology.Participated in the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway, Wuhan Guangzhou high-speed railway, the Shanghai Nanjing intercity passenger dedicated line, Shanghai Kunming High-speed Railways Railway construction project, and Beijing Zhuhai, the construction of Changde Jishou, Chang Zhang, Tan Heng, highway construction, around the subgrade settlement control, soil structure stability and geological disaster control, a lot of fruitful research work, and achieved good social and economic benefits, the formation of a certain characteristics and stable research direction.

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