Materials Institute

Civil Engineering Materials Research Institute is Cross School of civil engineering, Central South University of civil engineering and materials science secondary teaching and research institutions, its predecessor is founded in 1953 Central School of civil engineering and architecture, building materials department, the history is long.For decades, from the application of civil engineering of around the national large-scale key projects in the construction of the key problems of science and technology, a lot of fruitful research work, has made a number of original results, obtained the good social benefit and economic effect.After long-term construction perfect, formed a distinctive and stable research field, a concise of age structure, record of formal schooling of reasonable and at home and abroad have a certain impact on the faculty.Institute 1983 began to recruit graduate students, 1995 won the building material master's degree granting, in 2003 won the civil engineering disciplines independently set up materials in civil engineering, and master in the right to grant.Support unit for civil engineering materials research and our roads and railway engineering national key disciplines and has become an important base for China's civil engineering materials science research and high-level personnel training.

Civil Engineering Materials Research Institute under the building materials testing laboratory, is divided into civil engineering materials properties, cement, sand, stone, concrete, new building materials, mechanical properties of materials, engineering structure nondestructive detection and material durability of eight special experiment room, has the qualification of testing state and the Hunan Province.In 1998 the first batch of Hunan province through the evaluation of undergraduate teaching laboratory base.At the same time, through the implementation of the project 211 and 985 Program, more perfect the construction of the research base, the main research instruments and equipment including cement concrete performance of the conventional test equipment, hydration heat instrument, scanning electron microscope (SEM), carbonation of concrete box, ASTM C1202 Coulomb law and RCM method rapid test of concrete permeability test equipment, concrete fast freeze-thaw test equipment, concrete creep test system and structure, durable environmental simulation test system.Research base undertake scientific research of China's railway, roads, bridges and housing construction about civil engineering materials science and technology, provide foreign technical service, solve the key technical problems in engineering construction.

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